Work with me

Work with me

I provide


  • Counselling for individuals, couples, parents, children and families.
  • I have particular expertise in issues such as single parenting, supporting children through separation, co-parenting and step-families.
  • Counselling sessions usually last 1 hr (45min for children) and cost $120.
  • Fees are negotiable for those on a low income.
  • Sessions can be conducted online, on the phone, or face-to-face at my private practice in Maleny, Queensland, Australia.


Working with Parents

Parents sometimes just need a little extra support. Times of stress and change can make parenting even more challenging and children can act up if they have emotional issues they need help with. I can offer information and practical strategies, based on the latest research, which can support you with many common parenting struggles whilst also supporting your child’s healthy emotional development.

Sometimes we may find ourselves triggered by, or over-reacting to, current issues with our children.  Unresolved or left-over issues from our childhood can impact on our parenting and hinder our ability to be attuned and responsive to our child. Reflecting on and understanding our own childhood experiences can help us better understand and empathise with our child and allow us to respond more flexibly and thoughtfully.

“Making sense of our life stories enables us to have deeper connections with our children, and to live a more joyful and coherent life.” – Daniel Siegel

Working with Children

Challenging behaviours are a red flag that children need emotional support. I believe that parents are the best people to help their child with their emotions, however sometimes the support of a skilled therapist who is warm and impartial can be helpful.

In working with children I use a playful and creative approach. I help children express themselves using drawings, stories, sand-scenes, fantasy and play. I often use Sand-play therapy which is a beautiful, simple, non-verbal way for children to express their feelings and process their experiences.

How I Work

As a therapist I aim to provide a safe, supportive relationship where you can feel deeply listened to and accepted as you explore current challenges in your life. I believe that you are the expert on your own life and that I can help with the process of understanding yourself and your feelings better.

Gestalt Therapy is a holistic and experiential form of counselling which means that in addition to talking about an issue, we might explore it further by tuning into your body sensations or noticing what you are aware of in the present moment. We may also use gentle experiments or creative processes such as drawing or using symbols. This way of working often taps into information that is beyond conscious awareness, deepening the therapeutic process.

An underlying principle of Gestalt therapy is that growth and healing happen not by pushing for change but by allowing ourselves to fully experience ourselves as we are. By “turning towards” our current experience we gain insight, increase self-acceptance, become more self-nurturing and deepen our capacity to cope with our experiences.

Families are diverse – everyone is welcome 


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