Parenting With Connection


“This was an incredibly valuable course. It was highly relevant, practical and fun. The way it was presented was excellent, lots of practical suggestions to improve my relationship with my child.” – Sarah


“I found the whole course really valuable, thanks! It provided a great mix of information, examples, role-play, and parent discussion in a logical flow. The workbook is an amazing reference too.” – Vicki


“I enjoyed this course and found it useful. Highlights were hearing about others parenting experiences and realising that we are not alone. Remembering that it’s not easy, but it’s so worth the effort. I have made new friends and strengthened community connections.” – Laura


“This course has really improved my connection with my daughter and the quality of our relationship. I can see her more free to be herself.” – Rae


“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was really reflective and helped me explore underlying emotions to my parenting.” – Angela


“This course was awesome. Eye opening. I felt held, respected and supported.” – Rhiannon

Supporting kids through separation


“I found the workshop to be really well collated and facilitated. It was a great reminder to stop and pay attention to my son and opened my eyes to how much children are affected by separation. I felt I left with a new set of skills to listen, support and have a greater understanding of my son’s behaviours and emotions.” – Emma


“A well presented, informative workshop with practical applications to take home. Very grateful. I feel confident to identify and work with my child’s problem behaviour, I feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.” – Anon


“I really enjoyed the workshop, I learnt many practical exercises & techniques to implement as soon as I leave.” – Annie


“It was so beneficial to share with the group and give and receive support.” – Anon

Parent Effectiveness Training

“I really enjoyed this course! I found the ideas both powerful and kind – a real “how-to” cultivate positive relationships (especially when it’s a heated moment!). Thank you! – Claire


“I am very impressed with the ethos and skills presented in this course and feel they will not only positively impact my relationships with my children but also with my partner and in my day to day life. Essential skills I wish I was taught in High school! Thank you Leeann for the way you managed the group dynamics and ensured the content was delivered, beautiful facilitation thank you.” – Kirsten


“I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course. It has given me confidence in expressing my feelings and needs, not only to my child but to others around me. Leeann was peaceful, patient and open to explore and go off track and gently bring us back again.”  – Catherine


“Absolutely brilliant, mind-opening, empowering, logical, clear and practical! I have found the logical and positive grounding of the material very appealing. The ability to put it to practice almost straight away is great and the approach very humbling. Leeann is very supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.” – Lubo


“From week 1 I started seeing change and growth both in myself and family life. I feel the concepts and skills are quite simple and manageable to apply while at the same time being dramatically life-changing in a wonderful way. I think so much positive change has occurred as a result of Leeann’s passionate and strong facilitation.” – Kelly


“This is an amazing course. It has helped me to build effective communication skills which have improved my relationships with my family, friends and others. Leeann is a fantastic instructor, her demonstrations were excellent and very helpful.” – Yolande


“I LOVE this course. It has improved my already great relationships with my children and husband into AWESOME ones! Leeann is fabulous, she holds the space beautifully and explains the course in a very clear and effective way.” – Angel


“Leeann is very knowledgeable, approachable, and engaging in her delivery of the course content. I found the course very interesting and beneficial because of her teaching style.” – Jeremy


“Leeann’s course gave me the time, space and conversation to look deeply at how my own behaviour was contributing to arguments with my 5-year-old, and it gave me simple, EASY and amazingly effective ways to change our dynamic. I would recommend this course to any parent, but particularly if there are things you want to change in your relationship with your child (or partner!). If you’re not sure how to go about it, or you keep trying by yourself and nothing seems to change, give this course a go.” – Janey


“Leeann is a dedicated reader of this topic generally and brings all that knowledge and her own authentic parenting experience to each session of the course. So easy to relate to.” – Liz


“I consider this tried and true course to be one of the most practical sources of help for anyone dealing with children of any age and even more so for assisting in adult-to-adult communication. The skills taught and practised are useful in all walks of life.” – Patria


“My husband and I did a P.E.T. course nearly thirty years ago – while I was pregnant with our first child. That short course radically changed the way we related to each other and gave us an effective model for respectfully relating to our children – a model that could be adapted to any situation. P.E.T. saved us from mindlessly repeating the mistakes of the past. We haven’t been perfect parents, by any means, but we seem to have been “good enough”. Out three adult children are generally happy, confident people who love spending time with each other, and with us! P.E.T. was a wonderful investment.” – Jenny


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