About Leeann

About Leeann

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny

I’m a psychotherapist, a counsellor and a mother.

I am passionate about helping parents create close, loving relationships with their children, because I know that this emotional connection is what grows happy, emotionally healthy, resilient kids and it also makes parenting a pleasure and a joy!

I have been intensively studying parenting and child development since my son was born 17 years ago. I have learnt that the way in which parents relate to their kids has an enormous impact on their child’s lifelong happiness, their self-esteem, their future relationships and the shape of society itself, and I believe that parenting is the most important work we can do to create a more peaceful world.

I have a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy and have an extensive knowledge of Child Development, Attachment Theory and working therapeutically with parents. I am trained in Sand-play therapy, Expressive Therapies and Synergetic Play-therapy. I am a certified Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) instructor, and am trained in Circle-of-Security and Tuning Into Kids parenting programs. I have been teaching parenting courses for the last 13 years.

In addition to my private practice, I also work in an organisation counselling children who’ve experienced divorce and separation.

I am a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and a member of GANZ and ETIA.

My Story

My relationships are important to me.

I have a gorgeous 17-year-old son who I adore. He is the most helpful, considerate, generous teenager I know and I love hanging out with him.

I am married to a fabulous man who is my son’s Step-Dad, and I have a warm, respectful co-parenting relationship with my son’s Dad.

My own parenting struggles and learnings have been the inspiration for much of what I do. My son and I both struggled when his Dad and I separated. I was at a loss for how best to support him and I was stressed and stretched myself.

I found getting support from a therapist to be invaluable and though this time was hard, it lead to much personal growth for me.

A lot of what I have learnt personally and professionally, I have channeled into my courses, workshops and my therapeutic work with parents.

In my personal relationships, and in my work, what I love most is the quality of presence.

I love the feeling of being a safe, calm, centred, attuned, accepting presence for others. I know that this quality of fully receiving another and accepting them as they are, helps them grow and thrive.

I also love supporting parents so that they can show up for their children with presence and help their children grow and thrive!

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny


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