Hello, I’m Leeann

I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor based in Maleny on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. My passion is helping parents build close, loving relationships with their kids so that parenting can be easier and more joyful and kids can thrive!

If you are..

Tired of yelling

Struggling to get your kids to co-operate

Just wanting a little more peace and harmony at home

You’ve come to the right place

I can support you with your everyday parenting struggles so that you can feel calm and confident as a parent again, whilst also raising happy, responsible, considerate kids


Individual support Leeann Horrill

One-to-one sessions where you can receive support tailored to your individual needs, including information and practical strategies to help with many common parenting challenges.


Group programs and workshops where you can learn peaceful ways to resolve conflicts, manage behaviour, and nurture your child’s emotional well-being.


Parenting tips Leeann Horrill

Parenting with love and connection is essential for our kid’s emotional wellbeing and healthy development, but it also makes parenting easier and more joyful! Stay inspired with tips from the Blog.

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny

About Leeann

I’m a psychotherapist, a counsellor and a mother.

I am passionate about helping parents create close, loving relationships with their children, because I know that this emotional connection is what grows happy, emotionally healthy, resilient kids and it also makes parenting a pleasure and a joy!

I have been intensively studying parenting and child development since my son was born 16 years ago. I have learnt that the way in which parents relate to their kids has an enormous impact on their child’s lifelong happiness, their self-esteem, their future relationships and the shape of society itself, and I believe that parenting is the most important work we can do to create a more peaceful world.

from the BLOG

How to set limits while still honouring feelings

How to set limits while still honouring feelings

We need to set limit with our kids. They can’t be allowed to hit their sibling, draw on the couch, eat unlimited lollies, or be on their screens all day. Yet there is so much research that shows that parenting with kindness and connection is so important for our...

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How to help kids with their big emotions

How to help kids with their big emotions

The secret to helping kids with their big emotions is to first manage your own. This may seem counter intuitive. Surely if your child would just calm down then you would be able to help them! But YOU are what helps your child calm down. If you are upset, stressed out,...

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Do Children Misbehave?

Do Children Misbehave?

Well certainly children sometimes behave in ways that we don’t like.  They make messes, they break things, they hit their sibling, they won’t share, they have tantrums in the supermarket, they pester us when we are busy and they are loud when we want peace and quiet!...

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