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Courses & Workshops

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny


Parenting with Connection is a 5-week course designed by myself in collaboration with Psychologist Lucia Casasnovas. It is based on time-tested principles of healthy communication plus the latest research into children’s developmental needs.

Parenting with love and connection is essential for our kid’s emotional wellbeing and healthy development, and it also makes parenting easier and more joyful! Our connection with our child is what makes them want to co-operate with us, it helps our child learn to manage their emotions, and it helps them develop the secure sense of self that is the foundation for their emotional well-being and resilience for life.

Learn practical skills to build your child’s self-esteem, support their emotional regulation and help them develop resilience and emotional wellbeing. You will also learn peaceful ways to decrease power struggles, resolve conflicts and manage behaviour.

This course consists of 5 x 3hr sessions generally run over 5 weeks.

Cost $270

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny


Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) is an international course that teaches healthy communication skills to parents. The P.E.T. program was developed by Psychologist Dr Thomas Gordon, over 40 years ago after research with humanistic Psychologist Carl Rogers and the course is now taught in over 43 countries worldwide. Current research in the fields of Attachment and child development strongly validates the parenting skills and approach taught in P.E.T. 

I am passionate about P.E.T. because it helps parents to listen deeply and build warm loving relationships with their children and it gives parents practical skills for gaining cooperation from their kids without using coercion and control. P.E.T. teaches peaceful ways to resolve conflicts, while also building self-responsibility, resilience and healthy self-esteem in children.

To view the national Parent Effectiveness Training site go to: 

The P.E.T. course consists of 8 x 3hr sessions generally run over 8 weeks.

Cost $320 or $500 per couple.

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny

“I am very impressed with the ethos and skills presented in this course and feel they will not only positively impact my relationships with my children but also with my partner and in my day to day life. Essential skills I wish I was taught in High school! Thank you Leeann for the way you managed the group dynamics and ensured the content was delivered, beautiful facilitation thank you.” ” – Kirsten

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny


Building Children’s Self-Esteem is a practical and interactive one day workshop designed to help parents raise confident, successful kids. Healthy self-esteem is so vital for our kids. Kids who feel good about themselves are resilient, they generally have optimistic attitudes and are happier and more successful in life. In this workshop, you will learn how children develop self-esteem and the importance of self-esteem that is not dependant on achievement. You will learn ways to talk and listen with kids that build their confidence and belief in themselves and learn the importance of empathy and supporting children’s feelings. Parents learn ways to deal with behaviour that won’t damage children’s self-esteem and discover ways to offer praise and encouragement that build a secure sense of self-worth.

Building Children’s Self Esteem is a one day workshop.

Cost $125

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny


Supporting Kids is a fun and interactive one day workshop designed to help parents support their children’s emotional wellbeing during tough times like separation or divorce.  Whether you’ve just separated or it happened years ago, kids need special support to avoid being negatively impacted by your separation or divorce. Research shows that when parents can be present for their children emotionally, helping them cope with their feelings, children can be protected from harmful long-term impacts and grow to be resilient, happy, confident children. This workshop will help you listen to your child’s feelings, protect them from conflict, learn how to set empathetic limits, deal with meltdowns, manage problem behaviour and create more connection with your children.

Supporting Kids is a one day workshop.

Cost $125

Leeann Horrill Psychotherapist Maleny

“A well-presented, informative workshop with practical applications to take home. Very grateful. I feel confident to identify and work with my child’s problem behaviour, I feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.” Anon


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